About Us

Meet Dave

My name is Dave Streen.
Proud father and devoted husband of 25 years. Loves to fly power kites, read, cook and eat.

My love of PDR has pushed me to try and help the industry in any way I could. I am currently the President of the World Hail Network, Treasurer of PDR Nation and I am on the Website Committees for NAPDRT, PDR Nation and the World Hail Network.

All of these great organizations want the PDR industry to mature and develop, to provide jobs to exceptional individuals and become known for extraordinary service.

But, in the beginning, they all had very different approaches. As the first person to belong to all three organizations, I have worked hard to help them focus their efforts and work together instead of pulling each other down. I believe that uniting the independent technicians and holding everyone to higher standards is what will protect the industry long term.

Just as PDR has evolved over the past 20 years from using bent up rebar and cheap heavy florescent lights to state of the art LED battery operated lights and rods with interchangeable tips, so too will these organizations grow into the powerful united voice to help steer and guide the industry to new heights.

PS: So many great people have helped me along the way. I would have gone broke and given up about a hundred times if I did not have such an amazing family and support system. My marketing friends, tool designers, partners and my network of PDR technician friends have all helped to bring my ideas and dreams to fruition. Thank you.


800-798-HAIL (4245)

Corporate Headquarters

742 E. Riviera Drive Chandler, AZ 85249


The Italian Job

A few years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a team sent to Italy after the Port of Rome was hit by hail. 11,000 Chryslers were left in need of dent repair. About 100 PDR techs from around the globe arrived in Rome for a one-of-a-kind experience. People I met on that trip became some of my best friends in the industry.

The really surprising thing turned out to be the way we all freely shared our knowledge and our best tips and tricks. It reminded me of when I worked as an efficiency expert helping car washes shave seconds off of operations to save money. One of the largest car wash chain owners sent me to teach some of the best strategies to his direct competitors in the area. I didn’t understand at the time but he told me that sharing best practices was good for the industry and that all the car washes would benefit.

In Italy, it clicked for me how sharing information and helping each other was like the tide raising all boats. Especially in a fledgling industry like PDR that was struggling for stability and credibility, everyone would benefit by making more knowledge ‘common knowledge’.

The beginnings of an idea was spawned on this trip that would later become the World Hail Network. An online resource that allows techs from all over the world to learn from each other. Somewhere they can share tips and tricks, stay on top of the latest tools and accessories or simply learn more about the trade. The World Hail Network is the digital version of the experience I had in Italy, learning from and along side sharp, capable people from around the world.