Auto Hail Damage Repair Achievements

Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, United States

Autohail, LLC is a worldwide company which provides Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) specializing in automotive hail damage repair.

Autohail, LLC serviced 153 cars in 4 days at the celebrity car auction at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, including The Dukes of Hazards’ General Lee, Kitt from Knight Rider, six of the vehicles from the movie Gone in 60 seconds and many other famous vehicles. ~ 2002

Autohail, LLC also serviced personal cars for celebrities such as Nicholas Cage and Bruce Willis.

Autohail, LLC received Master Craftsman certification from U.S.D.T and the Board of Education. ~ 2003.

Autohail, LLC was the only U.S. Company working for the Global Hail Network in all of France ~ 2008.

Autohail, LLC partnered with Mannheim of Europe & Ball Systems of Italy to repair 11,000 Chrysler vehicles at the Port of Rome, Italy in under 2 months! ~ 2009.

Autohail, LLC’s storm team leader, Dave Streen, was awarded Hail Technician of the Year by the World Hail Network in 2009!

Autohail, LLC worked in Melbourne to assist with worst hail disaster in Australia’s recorded history ~ 2010.

Autohail, LLC was recommended by UltraDent to work for Superior PDR in Pennsylvania. UltraDent is the number one PDR tool manufacturer in the industry.

Autohail, LLC was called to Johannesburg, South Africa, where our team helped several body shops and many insurance companies with their hail repair needs.~ 2012-2013.

AutoHail wrote the Hail Matrix in Rand for the major insurance companies and has been adopted throughout South Africa ~ 2013

Dave Streen became a Member of the Board of Directors for the World Hail Network and PDR Nation ~ 2014

AutoHail was the only PDR company in Tucson capable of repairing a demolished F-150 all-aluminum truck for Geico (this repair required 4 master certified technicians and completely separate tool sets and work area ~ 2015