dented car before Addison Texas dent RepairAddison Texas Dent Repair

A vehicle is very important to every family taking everyone to and from school, work, birthdays, etc. Often the car can become an extension of the family itself. In today’s market of vehicle resale it is very important to keep your car in proper condition to ensure high end value and to bring that same wonderful experience you got to the next family. That is why Addison Texas Dent Repair is here to help!

Paintless Dent Removal

Here at Addison Texas Dent Repair we focus on paintless dent removal, a fast, simple, and reliable form of dent removal that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. While most body shops use conventional repair techniques that will take around two weeks, our PDR methods can take anywhere from two days to less than one hour. Auto Hail will have your car back in your garage in no time!

Advanced Equipment

Furthermore, our advanced tools and equipment give us a leading edge on the competition allowing us to fix door dings, basketball sized dents, hail damage, and much more. Over the years we have earned a top spot among the nation in repair facilities for our leading techniques and our specialization in hail repair. By fixing the dent without removing paint or using expensive materials, such as fillers or primers, we save you a boat load of money and one massive headache.

Award Winning Service

Finally, our technicians are committed to bringing you top quality service at record speeds. Over years of training and customer interaction our employees have collected a number of awards proving their dedication to bringing you the results you desire. We meet with our clients up front to discuss a quote and deadline avoiding any future unnecessary confusion. Here at Addison Texas Dent Repair our first priority is your trust. We treat you like family and hope to help you again whenever the need arises. Call Auto Hail at 800-798-HAIL (4245) today!


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