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Carrollton Texas Dent Repair company! Every vehicle owner has inevitably been the victim of a dent. That horrible pit in your car that leaves a pit in your stomach. Whether it be from a stray golf ball or a full blown hail storm. And we all know the looming threat of hail storms over Texas’ sky. Auto Hail’s top of the line equipment, techniques, and services have delivered quality customer satisfaction for many years now with fast and cheap solutions for your damaged vehicle.

Should You Fix it Yourself?

The short answer is no. However, if you are skilled and experienced enough in paintless dent repair there is no reason you shouldn’t. Many of the tools you can buy on retail or the internet can be very good and reliable. But without the proper time and training those tools are essentially useless. In fact, it is very common for a homemade PDR job gone wrong to make the condition of your vehicle much worse. If used improperly those tools can damage the paint and lead to rust or other permanent damage. It is far safer to hire a trusted technician. Our employees at Carrollton Texas Dent Repair are trained and certified to maintain your vehicle’s factory fresh state.

 Why Pick Carrollton Texas Dent Repair Instead of a Body Shop?

The choice between a body shop and PDR shop is quite simple and it relies entirely on the damage to your vehicle. A body shop is better equipped to handle long term repairs in the metal, serious damage caused by accidents and so forth. On the other hand, a PDR shop is built to handle basketball sized dents in the plastic or even hail damage. A body shop can handle dents as well but will often charge you for the use of paint, primer, and filler running you up to three times as much! These repairs can also take up to several weeks to complete. Carrollton Texas Dent Repair fixes your dents without removing the paint or using any filler saving you time and money!

Ultimately the decision is up to you. It is best to repair your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid further rust and damages. Call Carrollton Texas Dent Repair today at 800-798-4245 to start saving time and money on your dent repair!


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