DIY Dent Repair

Any vehicle owner has experienced a car dent at some point and they will all tell you that hail dents are the worst. A hail storm pelts your car relentlessly leaving it with more than just a few dents. When your vehicle is damaged you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands. Begin some research online or find cheap ways to solve the problem yourself. Unfortunately DIY dent repair is not as easy as it sounds. Finding equipment online can be unreliable and professional equipment can be expensive. Even with all of that lacking proper experience and training can put your vehicle at great risk. But don’t worry, Auto Hail dent repair and our PDR techniques are here to help.
There are numerous homemade methods for removing dents such as using a plunger, boiling water, or even dry ice; none of which are safe, especially without professional experience. You may also consider purchasing a dent puller, a mechanism designed to lift dents and straighten metal. However, dent pullers only work on shallow, flat dents, meaning anything deeper or in a tricky spot is a no go.

Without the proper time, effort, and attention to detail it is impossible to achieve your desired results. Rushing work can also result in further damage, like rust or simply a larger dent; often because you overlooked something simple under the surface, resulting in another visit to the bodyshop. This just means you’ll have to call a professional to fix the bigger mess that has been made. At Auto Hail we can fix the bigger problems, however our consultants work fast and diligently eager to help with your auto needs.

Many dent removal technicians will also recommend paint removal, running an even higher cost. Our qualified and certified technicians at Auto Hail use paintless dent removal to ensure results that are guaranteed to satisfy at low prices. We put real time and effort into your vehicle to ensure a job of higher quality than simple DIY dent repair.

Unless you are willing to pay the time and money professional PDR training it is not recommended to use DIY dent repair techniques. But do not worry, Auto Hail dent repair is here to help. You can call with the confidence that your dent repair will be taken care of professionally and in a timely manner by our award winning staff for an affordable price.

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