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Hail damaged car before Hebron Texas Dent Repair servicesHas your vehicle been damaged by the recent storms in your area? Hebron Texas Dent Repair can help with all of your vehicle damage needs! As everyone knows, vehicle damage can be a very serious and costly issue. You may consider visiting a body shop, however those can end up being very expensive and time consuming. Or you may consider a DIY technique but why take the risk of performing the dent removal yourself. Allow the talents of our Hebron Texas Dent Repair Company to lift that weight off your shoulder and that dent from your car.

Hebron Texas Dent Repair Over a Body Shop

Your decision here depends on how bad the damage is. Anything that has not broken the paint can be removed by PDR. We cover everything from basketball sized dents to hail damage and everything in between! It is also important to weight the pros and cons of body shops and PDR technicians. While a body shop is needed for broken paint and more serious damage they will often run you nearly three times as much at more than double the amount of time, so if you decide on a body shop be prepared to leave your vehicle for up to two weeks. Hebron Texas Dent Repair will have those dings done within just a few hours. In addition, with our state of the art techniques and tools we complete our job without ever having to replace the paint, saving you a ton of money!

Considering DIY?

You may be asking yourself “why should I waste money on PDR work when I can buy my own tools and fix the dent for free?” While those experienced in paintless dent removal may find it easy to fix themselves, we see the poor results of a bad job far too often. Many of the tools you can buy on retail or online are high quality, however without the skills to back it up you will do far more damage to your car than good. Botching a dent removal can result in far worse damage to your vehicle and then you WILL have to go to a body shop. Again, if you are skilled enough in PDR then home dent repair may be a good choice, but for most it is best to hire a professional. That is why Hebron Texas Dent Repair’s certified experts are here to help!

Don’t risk the permanent damage of bad PDR or the ridiculous rates of an auto body shop. Our certified and professional technicians will treat you and your vehicle like family.

Call Hebron Texas Dent Repair at (214) 463-2253 to schedule your appointment today!

(214) 463-2253

Auto Collision Body Repair 1961 E Frankford Rd., Suite 110, Carrollton, TX 75007

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