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Damage on your car from the recent hail storm? We can fix it!

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No panels need to be cut off your car or replaced!

Damage on your car from the recent hail storm? We can fix it!

What will it cost me to repair my car?

You are only responsible for your deductible, or less!Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) is the art of massaging the dents out of your car using special rods and tools. We can repair your vehicle in most cases for much less than conventional body shop repairs.

How long will you need my car?

We pride ourselves in super fast turnaround (Usually 1-2 Days)

What do I need to do?

Stop by one of our convenient repair centers for a Fast, Free Estimate. (or we can come to you!)

Should I notify my insurance?

That is up to you, but often the damage will be less than your deductible so you may want to wait until we look at the damage. If you have already started a claim, we work with all major insurance companies and if you like will handle all of the paperwork for you.

What will you do to my vehicle?

We will:
  • Use state of the art LED lights to magnify the dents and scope every inch of the vehicle.
  • Work with your insurance company (if applicable) on your behalf.
  • Meticulously repair each and every dent with the PDR technique (No Missed Dents, EVER!)
  • Replace any damaged moldings or trim with Original Manufacturer’s Parts (OEM).
  • Return your vehicle back clean and as if the storm never happened.
We will NOT:
  • Use any Bondo or body fillers
  • Sand or grind, re-paint
  • Replace any of your vehicle’s body panels
  • Damage or leave dirty fingerprints on your headliner or interior trim

Who will be working on my car?

We are all *Master Certified paint-less dent removal technicians *specializing in hail damage repairs.

We have worked all over the US and over a dozen other countries including Australia, Europe and South Africa.

We are an Arizona based company and are Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Will PDR work for my car?

Most auto damage from hail storms is 100% repairable using Paintless Dent Removal.

PDR is the insurance preferred method as repainting diminishes the value of your automobile by 25%

Despite how bad your vehicle may look now, we can completely restore it to pre-storm condition (even better as we clean up the door dings for free)

We work on All Makes and Models

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed