“Storm across a bed of hot coals.”

“Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.”

After reading this on the web, I was determined to be among the people who also wanted their lives to be set ablaze at the recent Anthony Robbins event in Dallas.

The event, Unleash the Power Within in Dallas, is thrown by Tony Robbins. In case you aren’t familiar with Tony, read about Humanitarian and Philanthropist Anthony Robbins here: www.tonyrobbins.com

With the promise of “A weekend can change everything,” he absolutely captured my attention.

Why I attended Unleash the Power Within

Plus, I was only a short commute from the Venue, being the owner of AutoHail – a full service body shop in nearby Wylie. As an admitted self improvement junkie, multiple business owner and entrepreneur, I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by almost 8,000 like minded individuals. I absolutely WANTED to be lit on fire! I welcomed the opportunity for Anthony Robbins to ignite my entrepreneurial flame.

WHY would I want this, you ask? AutoHail is my family owned business which I founded in Arizona. Having previously met Anthony at one of his events in Phoenix, I already knew the energy he creates, and it is second to none. Afterwards, I was inspired to launch a new branch of AutoHail in Texas. After repairing hail damaged vehicles all over America, and over a dozen other Countries, we are proud to now call Wylie our permanent home. It seemed providential Tony was nearby and I was determined to experience as much of the 4 day event as my overloaded work schedule would allow.

How Tony Robbins has helped me to help many other people

Being a small business owner can be daunting. Hail repair, in particular, brings it’s own challenges, since so many people and their property are suddenly and severely affected. It may be the one line of business where you don’t hope for your business to be from repeat customers.

Our goal at AutoHail is to affordably repair our client’s cars while treating them like family. We even created a special program called Help is On the Way™ , so we can quickly and efficiently respond when a storm strikes and causes damage.

Unfortunately, because we are always thrown into react mode, solely dictated by Mother Nature, our line of work can be as stressful for us as it is for our clientele. Especially this time; a second severe storm condemned our building making us victims, along with the rest of the community. We are now OPEN, and fully functional, but it was quite a struggle to get here. When I had heard there may be something life changing going on at Unleash the Power Within, I knew I had to be a part of that!

Anthony Robbins Fire Walk and more 

I was more than happy to sign the release forms to participate! The promotional material for the event promised to help with everything from annihilating my fears and even turning that fear into POWER. After two solid weeks of non-stop work in Wylie, I decided it was well worth my time and energy to make the short drive over and join in the activities that would enrich my life and help my business thrive.

Here’s the rub. Unfortunately, due to being needed in Wylie, I wasn’t even able to be there for the Fire Walk at Anthony Robbins event. YES! Can you believe it? I MISSED the chance to face the challenge of the Fire Walk. A challenge that Anthony Robbins and his team have somehow safely and successfully pulled off at countless events in countless cities for 35 years. But, boy did I hear all about it on social media! It was reported as “scores of scorched feet”. From what my own investigation revealed, around two dozen people had burns equivalent of sun burn and 4-5 had more severe burns. First hand eyewitnesses blame others taking selfies and videos on smartphones as the cause of delays resulting in the injuries.

Lit Ablaze

So how exactly was I still lit on fire, you ask? This is how. I was able to attend the final two days of Unleash the Power Within. Despite the drama surrounding the fire walk, and hyped by the media, thousands of us successfully shared a LIFE CHANGING Anthony Robbins event. We left convicted to be our BEST SELVES and are now conditioned and prepared to step into the success that each of us deserves and WILL attain. Close to 8,000 people jumping and cheering with all their might creates an energy second to none. It’s even better than a rock concert, in my opinion.

Tony Robbins Dallas FireThe event was inspirational and moving in so many OTHER ways, that my SPIRIT and my SOUL were ignited, and that is what I am here to share with you. Do not become a victim of listening to the sensational media accounts, calling it a tragedy and thinking you do not also deserve to attend an Anthony Robbins event. Whether you walk on fire or not, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Turns out, One Weekend CAN Change Everything.

When I read that the Fire Department’s official statement is: “We never recommend anyone walking on burning coals” I had to laugh since 8K people not only wanted to do exactly that, they paid for the privilege! My goal is only to bring some perspective to the negative attention being given to Anthony Robbins by many media outlets. One burn victim has since publicly admitted that perhaps instead of standing still on the coals, in fact he probably should have jumped off safely to the side. So, to the 7,000+ Fire Walkers in Dallas, and to Tony Robbins, I say THANK YOU for such a successful event.

Ultimately, I don’t mean to dismiss any injuries of the attendees at the Anthony Robbins event. I never like to hear of anyone getting hurt and I am sure that Tony feels the same way. Perhaps because my job requires I attending to catastrophic events, I want to use this opportunity to bring our focus back around to the residents of Wylie, Dallas, Fort Worth and many other areas of Texas that have been devastated by loss in this year’s severe storms. I left the Anthony Robbins event MORE inspired to attain my goal, which is for AutoHail to tend to the people of Wylie and repair their vehicles which were so severely affected by the Spring Storms of 2016. If you are among those affected by the severe storms and would like any information on how we may help you, please stop by and say hi.

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